My name is Karl.
I'm a creative mind with a Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing from BI Norwegian Business School, in Norway.

Starting on the floor with pencil and paper, I developed a liking to creating visuals as a small kid. Okay, I was far from designing websites, brochures, and print ads; but my stickfigures and somewhat deformed trees were really, really awesome at the time.

And that's how it began. Just a liking.

As time passed, I hurled myself into the world of animation. Flash animation, to be exact. I was a tech-savvy child, and started becoming active on animation forums to learn, and receive feedback on my work. Forums (Bulletin boards) opened up a whole new world for me. They hold my first interaction with the real internet. Eventually this lead to me getting myself an old copy of Photoshop 8.0 CS.

I was 12 years old.

I enjoyed creating still images. Graphic design and photo manipulation became an addition to my list of hobbies. Inspired by members of forums, I started editing images by using composite elements and creating a whole new image.

These images gave much more satisfaction than drawing, and before I knew it, another interest emerged. 

It felt kind of natural to apply the same principles to video. Except that it was a much bigger challenge.
I started doing some post-processing effects on video captured with a horrible, horrible webcam. Solution to this problem? Buy a video camera. And then, I suddenly started to enjoy making videos.

In 2010 I saw the powers of DSLR video, and switched out my old handycam to a much more capable camera. Owning a DSLR, I had to explore the photography side of it all... And yes, I loved it.

2013. I had just finished attending Media and Communication, and was up to apply for a university and move to Oslo.

It was almost obvious that I was going to pursue media production. But then.. my entrepreneurial mind kicked in, and I knew I had to figure out a way to convert knowledge into.. business. So that's where I applied: BI Norwegian Business School.

During my time at BI, I was given a business perspective on advertising and marketing. Which goes hand-in-hand with my production knowledge. I did not hesitate to apply the newly acquired knowledge, and was hired by the University to create marketing and advertising material. I worked with this team for two years, and was in charge of production and post-processing.

Oh, and I studied, and had freelance jobs and worked as a Marketing Consultant on the side.

The last year of my Bachelor's Degree was done in New York.
A year of international experience can't be described. I learned a lot about culture, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Human interaction and communication is very different from little Norway, not always in a good way- but hey. I've lived in one of the biggest influential metropolitan areas in the world.

Was it fun? Yes.

Am I now ready to create awesome things with you?


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